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December 12, 2011 at 2:58 am Leave a comment

Ahhh! I didn’t get any financial aid for Spring 2012 bec of some weird reason so now I have to carefully pick my classes and limit them to like, 2 or something. I’m so mad. Anyways, I’m done with 2 finals, got one to go, so I’m happy. Tomorrow is BIO Review Class and my test is this Thursday on the 15th. This is an important week-there are so many things going on, I’m praying everything goes well.

With exactly 14 minutes until my internet shuts down (yes, my dad put parental control on the internet because I surfed the Web too much but i’m glad he did), I came online to post a piece of advice:

Always, always, always listen to your parents no matter what. Make them happy, and you’ll make Allah happy. And remember, our slightest words or actions can hurt parents deeply, it can shatter them completely; we probably forget because we’re too busy with school and friends, but parents want our company. And they want our love. I always had communication problems with my dad and I always thought he was wrong and he always told me I had an ego problem. At your age, you’ll feel like you’re right but maybe you’re not. It’s the teenage “i-know-it-all” phase or it’s Shaitan, or it’s your ego. Or maybe it’s everything. For me, it was everything. I begged Allah for Mercy, Guidance, and understanding. He listened to me.

Allah listened to me.

Finally, after 2-3 years of struggling, I found my way. I found that I was more wrong than I thought I was and my dad was more right than I thought he was. And now, my dad is about to find out that I am more sensible than he thought I was. Alhamdulillah.

I thank Allah so much for guiding me and helping me and giving me amazing friends and the best dad in the world.

Remember, no matter what problem you have, if you ask Allah sincerely while trying your best, He’ll remove it from you.

Because Allah loves you.


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