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Another Reason to Cry

This is the essay that I wrote in the beginning of the year as the first essay for English class because our teacher wanted to evaluate our writing. She told us to make the essay 500 words or less (i think) but mine’s is 571 words (lol, i couldn’t make it any shorter). Regardless of the length or quality of this essay, I actually like it because I wrote it straight from my mind without any references (well, maybe i used the dictionary 2 times) and that too, within an hour! Now, my writing is absolutely horrible! Forget about essays, I can’t even write an intro properly anymore. Anyways, i’m posting up this essay to mark the end of my good writing phase *cries*. And what a coincidence-my essay is about crying!!!

Crying is the universal human expression of emotions which emanates from the innermost depths of the minds of people. It may be called an unconditioned reflex because it is a reaction to a stimulus that is not explicitly taught to an individual but is later picked up on in their primary years of life.  Crying affects everyone-men and women, babies, children and old people. Under what circumstances do people cry though? Do they always cry naturally without coercion? People cry for many reasons, and they cry in ways which can be misleading to the average person’s mind.  Apart from the common reasons due to which people cry like sadness, frustration, fear, and joy, tears manifest themselves in the eyes of the people due to unaffirmable reasons and even in ways one may have difficulty believing in,  which makes crying lose its value and purpose as a natural and emotional response.

The human brain is the center of feelings and emotions.  Our brain is programmed to function in a way that when it senses danger or need, it actuates an impulse, or reflex to counteract the stimulus. Crying falls under this category when it comes to infants and disabled people who cannot communicate effectively. Crying due to emotional reasons, especially by adults, can be significantly avoided or subsided, unless they are very emotional or are victims of depression and are in the habit of crying regularly.  In some cases, though, people cry not because it just happens, but because they choose to make it happen. People who are attention-seekers or are just extremely manipulative cry at their own discretion. They seem to just miraculously produce tears in the blink of an eye to gain the attention and pity of people. This concept of people making themselves cry is not only negative, though, because there is also a good reason for doing so and that is at funerals. Suppose you go to a funeral and you don’t know the person who has died. Seeing everyone in tears makes you feel all the more guilty and even suggests that you are behaving in an inconsiderable manner. Crying deliberately in this situation just may help and save you lot of trouble and also initiate some feelings of remorse for the dead person and their family.

Initially, it can be confusing to think about how someone can know the exact moment of secreting their tears but it is actually very simple as we know that our mind has the indefinite ability to be introduced to something new, or enhance the skills we already have. This ability of the human brain can be related to the example of a martial arts performer. In traditional martial arts training, the students are made to strengthen their reflexes through rigorous exercises and exposure to potential dangers. Similarly, people can also train themselves to be really good at sports, singing, or crying.

Crying is an unconditioned reflex, which is primarily related to free-flowing emotions controlled by the brain, but it is easily made into a habit by some people or something that they can activate at will. If someone’s mind becomes accustomed to crying, it cannot be called crying anymore because it is no longer natural, it’s something that is done in a contrived manner. The mind then becomes unreceptive of feelings, which leads to a person existing without emotions, and further leading them to unconventional behavior.









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My Wierd Day and Funny Life

It was such a weird day…I went to school being so happy even though the rain was making everything around me so dull and murky. I was laughing and going high and my friend was like, “What happened to you?”, and I’m like, “Oh, I’m going high on lack of sleep.” I know it sounds weird. But yes, my best friends and I do go high on lack of sleep, too much sleep, lack of food, or too much food. We laugh and laugh until our insides hurt. Like just the other day in school, we went to the bathroom to make wudu’ and we were cracking jokes about what it would be like if everyone wore boxes. It was “The Box World”. God knows where that topic started from but it carried on the most insane extent. It was like, everyone wore boxes on top of their abayas (for girls) and then their niqab would consist of two holes in the box. Guys would wear white boxes (to resemble thobes) and girls would wear black ones (as abayas). And never would multiple people be able to fit in a car again! Especially not desi-style (10 people in a 5-passenger car, piled on top of the other and some anorexic kid squashed under the seat, which usually happens to be my little brother in real life)! And when the box people had to get ready for an occasion, let’s say a wedding for example, they would just wear a little shiny button on their box and be like, “Okay, I’m ready!” I know this is so creepy for whoever reads it but hey, we were kinda weirded out ourselves while talking about it. And I’m like, “Man, we so have to make comics about The Box World” but I don’t know how that will turn out if we try. Well, if we ever do, I’ll make sure to post it here on my blog insha’Allah!

Anyways, so back to today. I was continuing being happy until Government came. We had a big unit test and I hadn’t studied properly for it. So my friend was sitting beside me panicking and trying to fit everything into her short-term memory. I usually do the same before the test but this time, I was so sleepy and my brain wasn’t working so I let my head fall on the table and fell asleep for the 10 min review time our teacher gave us in class. Then, she came around, passed the test, and I jumped up form my semi-conscious sleep like a spring. As always, it was a multiple choice test and I guessed half the answers. There were two essays on the back but I had no idea what they were saying so I got up and turned in my test. The class was like, “Omg, she’s done? You’re done?,” and I’m like, “Yeah,” with a big smile on my face. My friend’s like, “Whoa, why didn’t you do it? Go get your paper back and do the essay!” And I’m like, “Eh, forget it I’m sleepy.” So class went on, people finished their tests and since we have a puny senior class of 6 people, the teacher finished grading the tests before the end of class. I woke up again to ask the teacher my grade and she said I got an 80% and I’m like, “Awesome!” I mean, I know some nerdy-nerds would be like, “Omg, that’s such a bad grade!,” but hey, I was half-asleep while taking that thing. And then my best friend was like, “Forget about English, you should be a History teacher and I’m like, “Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, you’re right,” because a few years back, she coined the term “History Nerd” on me. I’m not exactly a government nerd but I think if I tried, I could be. Don’t think I’m bragging lol! I am absolutely horrible at math (C was probably my highest grade ever) and my art is just beautiful. My art is just so beautiful and unique that my art teacher decided to put up my sketch of  a farm house in her classroom next to a gorgeous sketch of a palace as a display to show students what to do and what Not to do. And I’m like, “Ms, why are you humiliating me like that?,” but she just laughed and said, “I told you to try harder.” And I’m like great, so not only does my sketch get a grade of an F probably, but it also becomes the example for the whole school of how Not to draw. What a disgrace but oh well! I still laugh at it everytime I see it.

Again, back to today (man I know how to jump from one topic to another). Yeah, so after Musallah time (Dhuhr time is sometimes called Musallah time at school-I know it’s weird but then, all Al-Qalamies are, including me), I got sooooooooo depressed for some reason. My happy happy, jolly day was ruined as I went to English class. I looked out the window for a while then went to my seat. Then, I got in trouble for not doing my essay so I have to turn it in tomorrow. I’m going to work on it right now. I always work late at night. I don’t know, people always say that working in the morning is so much better-your concentration is better and you have barakah in your time, etc. For the past few years,though, I have been a night owl. On one crazy incident, my best friend and I stayed up for 4 nights and 5 days for a project-I think I’ll write about that in my next post. I aim to change being a night owl, though, because I like morning. It’s so beautiful and sunny and refreshing but Ihate waking up to rain. It depends on my mood for me to determine whether I like rain or not. Sometimes I like it, sometimes I hate it but oh, thhunderstorms are so much fun! The thunder and lightning is so exciting but I haven’t witnessed a real summer thunderstorm since I was 10 years old or so. How sad! Those were the days! My best friends (who also happen to be my cousins) and I would go out on the main street and play in the rain. We would take our umbrellas in front of our moms and throw them aside when we were ouside. But it wasn’t like we were doing anything wrong because we knew that our moms knew what we were doing but they were just pretending to yell at us from the kitchen windows. Oh my god, now how did I just go from school to rain to my childhood? Like I said, I know how to go off-topic.

Yeah so then, I came home at 6:00 and I was starving but I fell asleep for 2 hours and missed dinner. I woke up around 9 something pm and ate and then started doing my homework. I tried to memorize Surah Al-Insan but it’s so confusing. What helps me is that for different surahs, I pick different Qaris to listen to then whoever’s voice easily sticks in my head, I go with him. For example, when I was rememorizing Juz ‘Amma, I listened to Mishary then for Al-Hujurat, I listened to Abu Bakr Shatri, and now I’m listening to Salman al-Utaybi for Al-Insan. One of his best recitations though, (in my opinion), is Surah Al-Hadid. So after doing that, I’m now gonna do my English essay on “Everyman.” Controversial title, I know lol, we were like what? but anyways the teacher told us to go get it and it ended up being a play about this guy who’s dying and no one is accompanying him. So our essay has to be about our feelings for Everyman (he’s a character). We have to write whether we sympathize wth him or not. I’m gonna write about how  I don’t sympathize with him. Call me harsh but I just don’t feel bad for him. But lol, I think I chose the negative stance also because I’ve become pessimistic about writing essays. One after another, that’s all we’ve been doing. I know our teacher’s preparing us for college and all that but it’s taking away form my love of writing. Oh well, that’s what English class is-it’s meant to torture you through words and not to mention the toll that the keyboard takes on your fingers. *Sigh* I’ll leave now I’m getting late to work on my essay. Bored people lol will never come back on my blog -hey I don’t have anyvisitors even now 😦 but I like ranting on about things. Usually I do this verbally then my friends tells me to be quiet my I’m eating her brain up but if I’m talking to the computer then I guess no one can tell me to be quiet because the computer doesn’t have a brain! It thinks it’s smart but it’s not because we control it, it doesn’t control us! Haha (insert evil laugh here). Yeah so okay, bye, I will leave for now. Salams=)

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The moon and the stars-

they all come together,

Glorifying their Lord,

So true it must last forever

I was walking along and saw the sight,

I joined them and knew that what I did was right

Looking at the sky once again at night, it was blue, not black with gray clouds

and I could swear I could feel Him looking down at me tonight

I prayed and it was answered,

not too slow but I asked why?

I knew the answer, just couldn’t console my restless heart, my restless soul

about why He was giving me everything I wanted

I knew the answer but was left undecided as to why my Lord loved me so much

I still wonder but I will ask-

I will ask on the Day when this life will be ages past

I’ll ask Him when I see Him but right now I’ll do my job and pray

 and it’s Your Words I will recite

because I know You’re with me Today

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