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Gardener’s Dismay

I’d love to see the flowers blooming,

filling my fields through misty rain

The precious reward of my working,

with nothing to lose and so much to gain


I had planted the seeds so long ago,

with the hope that they would sprout one day

I watered them and nurtured them,

and never let the ravens carry them away


In the midst of all the dangers,

I patiently waited until the sky turned gray

I’d hoped to see the seeds sprout a leaf,

but the day awaited never came


Though it may but seem like I complain,

not giving the seeds a chance

I speak through the deepest crypt,

years have passed but I see no change


I’d like to let the seeds know,

I’m waiting for them to come to life

No matter if it is ages slow,

because they’re the best of seeds, I think so


Indeed, I’m willing to wait,

but time in reality does not stand still

By the time comes another spring, it may be too late,

as I don’t have much time to kill


In the case of the death of the gardener,

who so wished to see the flowers bloom

Can you bring more water,

And please take over?


For eternity I would have waited for them to grow,

but life is short so I wanted them to know,

You can do it if you just believe so

sometimes with no friend and no consort




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